The Boston Red Sox got blown out by the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night by the score of 7-2.  It was the first win for the Tigers and the fifth loss of the season for the Red Sox.  The Red Sox are now a game under .500 as their record is 4-5.

Losing pitcher Jon Lester allowed four earned runs in only 5.1 innings.  He was pretty wild as he also had  four walks and give hits allowed.  Bryan Corey allowed two more earned runs as he pitched terrible.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Julio Lugo were the only Red Sox players that were able to knock in any runs.

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The Boston Red Sox just don’t have an answer to the Toronto Blue Jays.  On Saturday, the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 10-2 and the Blue Jays have no won six straight games against the Red Sox.

Every pitcher for the Red Sox gave up atleast one earned run besides Julian Tavarez.  Starting pitcher Taylor Buchholz have up three earned runs in five innings, Kyle Snyder allowed two earned runs in a third of an inning, and Bryan Corey allowed four earned runs in a third of an inning.  It was definately a big letdown by the pitching staff today.

Manny Ramirez and Sean Casey each had an RBI at the plate, but wasn’t even close to being enough.

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