Wow, it sure has been a busy week for the Boston Red Sox as they have signed four players to contracts or are in the process of waiting for physicals to come before the contracts are signed. The team will be bringing in veteran pitchers John Smoltz and Brady Penny while Rocco Baldelli is coming home to play in the outfield along with Mark Kotsay who will also back up first base.

Smoltz’s contract offer is for $5.5 million but could reach $10 million with incentives. It will be interesting to see if Smoltz holds during year as he is getting up there in age (41). He isn’t expected to pitch until June 1st as he recovers from shoulder surgery as it is.

Kotsay will earn $1.5 million in 2009. I feel he is more valuable then that kind of money so for him to sign that kind of deal I think the Red Sox got a great bargain.

Baldelli will make $500,000 and probably serve as the teams fourth outfielder. Another cheap deal for the Sox that I like. Baldelli has been injured and only played in 28 games in 2008 but has received good news about his injury where there is treatment that will make it better.

The Brad Penny deal should finally be signed in the next couple of days. We blogged about that deal shortly after Christmas.

Good moves for the Sox!

Post info: By GoSoxGo on January 9th, 2009
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